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EKOS is the unit of RSG Group that has bought a mind blowing range of LED lighting products in India. After successfully completing seven years the company has expanded their range by manufacturing the solar panels and lightings as well.

Years Since We Established – Experience & Still A Growing Protfolio Day By Day!

Pure Quality, Pure Satisfaction

LEDs are incredibly vitality proficient and expend up to 90% less power than brilliant knobs. Since LEDs utilize just a small amount of the vitality of a glowing light there is an emotional decline in power costs.

Residential Lights

At Ekos, we make your life into an illuminated experience. Whether you need to provide your home fresh look or enhance your well-being with premium quality illumination, we have all the solution. If you are searching for a perfect setting that transforms your mood when you come back your house after a long tiring day…we are the answer!!!

Energy prices continue to rise and pull more of our income. Cutting energy costs in our residence needs minor changes, commitment and some attention. Traditional lights and light strings can consume a surprising amount of electricity. However, a substitute to traditional bulbs emerged with unbelievable savings. Ekos LED lights are brighter, better and even brings happiness to your wallet.

Commercial Lights

Ekos LED Lights provides excellent and environmentally driven commercial lighting solutions for development and energy efficiency. From the most advanced technology to the most basic machineries, we make a new generation of commercial lighting systems that improves the quality, drives low cost and moreover reduces carbon footprint.

You need the right solution when it comes to illumination for commercial purpose. For example, illuminating for commercial applications such as a manufacturing facility or warehouse needs expert lighting products that are prepared to survive harsh weather conditions. Moreover, lighting for outdoor parking lots or office buildings need the skill to deliver high quality lighting in order to cover a wide range in an energy-efficient manner.

Industrial Lights

Ekos LED Lights can design and develop lighting solutions as per the industrial standards and specifications and can provide personalized lights as per your needs in several industries such as furniture industry, garment industry, export industry, etc. With a wide range of industrial lights to pick from, Ekos offers lighting solutions made for several purposes. From mid and high-powered LED streetlights to landscape lighting,

we offer a huge range of industrial lighting systems. Specially made to provide you with the best functional value for multiple uses, Ekos is the one -stop you need to search for.

Our Featured Product

All products are compliant under BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

ekos led – led slim panel peep

ekos led – led colour marvel

ekos led – led colour melody

ekos led – t-bulb titan led

ekos led – led concealed light rainbow

ekos led – led high wattage bulb

ekos led – led inverter bulb diwa

ekos led – led junction light deep

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